Global Education & the 26th Curriculum and Instruction Forum: Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Development


The importance of global education is becoming self-evident across the world. In Taiwan, a national policy was launched in April 2011 to implement global/international education in K-12 schools. This bi-lingual (English and Chinese) conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners from Taiwan and abroad to discuss global education, its theories, practices, and issues of teacher development as they manifest in diverse national and cultural contexts.

Keynote speakers:
●Graham Pike, Dean, International Education, Vancouver Island University
●Margaret Riel, Chair of the Master of Arts in Learning Technologies Program, and Director of the Center for Collaborative Action Research at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University.
●Doris Tsuey-ling Wu, Country Coordinator of iEARN Taiwan

1. Global education theories, conceptions and goals
2. Global education policy and leadership
3. Preparing teachers for global education
4. Global education curriculum and instruction
5. Models of implementing global education in schools
6. The use of educational technology in global education
7. Global education for disadvantaged students
8. Non-governmental organizations’ roles in global education

Registration Fee: Free

Ministry of Education, Taiwan
National Science Council, Taiwan
Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Center for Teacher Education, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Association for Curriculum and Instruction, Taiwan


2012/05/25 08:00 ~ 2012/05/26 17:00

Registration period:

2012/03/02 08:00 ~ 2012/05/22 22:00


Tamkang University, Taiwan

Duration:14.0 hours
Registration Limit:300 (Full)
Estimated Number of Attendees:350
Attendees:teachers、students、staff、junior and senior high school teachers, scholars and educators in educational institutions, and individuals interested in global education.

Contact Person:Miss Yichun Kuo(郭怡君),Ms. Liping Hsu(許麗萍)