***【Priority for Inernational Students 】Career Seminar-104 Human Resource Corporation (Session1)***


This seminar will be conducted entirely in English

104 is the company that job seekers go to when they are looking for a job. Their services include helping you look for a job, or helping a company look for the right talent. They simplify the process for both sides and provide a wide variety of services on their website such as information on job opportunities, publishing your resume, salary information, career aptitude tests, and searching for work via mobile phone at https://www.104.com.tw/jobs/main/

1st November (Thursday), 6-8 pm,T Building 10th Floor
Guest Lecturer from 104: 謝翔宇講師
This seminar will be conducted entirely in English, max. 50 Students.
Instruction on English interview skills (includes one on one practice, limited to two voluntary participants), and resume writing

*Registrants must prepare a 1 page (minimum) resume, no format restrictions, to be handed in during the seminar
*Please register before October 19, 2018 using the application system, and let us know if you are willing to participate in the one on one practice, also please include your phone number and e-mail address
*Venue opens at 5:30 pm, refreshments will be provided


2018/11/01 18:00 ~ 2018/11/01 20:00


2018/10/11 08:00 ~ 2018/10/29 17:00


T building 10F

活動時數:2.0 小時
報名人次上限:50 名(目前報名人次:40)
預估錄取名額:50 名

聯絡人:Ms.Romi 王小姐