Late Medieval Manuscript Art


TKU English literature lecture series 2016 Spring, Lecture Three

Speaker: Hsin-yu Hu (胡心瑜)
Moderator: Dean Wang (王緒鼎)
Title: Late Medieval Manuscript Art
Time: 12:10 to 13:40, May 12 (Thursday)
Place: 淡江大學外語大樓英文系會議室 (FL 204)
In literary studies, medieval manuscripts are important as vessels of knowledge and culture, through which texts and traditions are preserved and passed down to us. Each manuscript has its own history and artistic style which reflect the times of its production. These artistic and stylistic details often serve as keys to our understanding of the background of the text(s) and author(s) contained in it. This talk focuses on the materiality of medieval manuscripts, offering a brief introduction to late medieval manuscript production and reading, providing a glimpse into the colorful and imaginative world of medieval manuscript marginality and its interplay with texts.
About the speaker:
Hsin-yu Hu is currently an assistant professor in the Department of English at Tamkang University. She holds a PhD in English Literature from Oxford University. She specializes in medieval literature and manuscript culture. As an idolater of images and art, she is particularly interested in medieval visuality and material culture, and the use of images in medieval devotional practices and theatre.

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2016/05/12 12:00 ~ 2016/05/12 14:00

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