In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, please read the following contents closely before registering or participating in events organized by the 教學支援組. By registering or participating in the events, you agree that 教學支援組 may collect, process and use your personal information for administrative purposes.

  • Name of Institution:教學支援組, Tamkang University
  • Purpose of Collection of Personal Information:Event Registration and Administration
  • Statutory Special Purpose:109 Education or Training Administration。
  • Classification of Personal Information : C001 Identification of the Individual, C011 Personal Description
  • Processing and Use of Personal Information:
    1. Length of Time:Unless otherwise specified by law or the Ministry of Education, the time for the use of personal information depends on the length of event administration. All personal information will be saved, but those regarded as sensitive information will be made unrecognizable after 7 years. It is an unrecognized personal information after 7 years.
    2. The area of use of personal information:Taiwan
    3. Users:教學支援組 The unit personnel and relevant third party responsible for particular activities; for the purpose of contacting students by the university regarding official matters.
    4. The method of use of personal information:
      (1) Appropriate methods such as electronic document, paper, or other former technologies.
      (2) Utilization in accordance with Article 20 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • In accordance with regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Party can apply to check, read, obtain a copy, supplement or correct, request the termination of collection, processing or use, and request deletion. When exercising the abovementioned rights, according to TKU regulations the identity of the individual must be confirmed and verified before an application can be submitted. If another person is entrusted to transact the request, a power of attorney document is required, and at the same time proof of the identity of the trustee must be provided for verification.
  • Requests to terminate the collecting, processing, using, or deleting of personal information must not interfere with the legal duties of 教學支援組.
  • The Party should verify the personal information provided is true and correct; if it is incorrect or needs to be changed, the Party should immediately deliver the related documentation of proof to the school for handling the correction.
  • Registration cannot be completed if participants refuse to provide, or do not provide accurate personal information.
  • If the Party has not yet provided genuine, correct and complete personal information, it can lead to an inability to provide student services, to establish contact in an emergency situation, to deliver test scores, etc. It will influence the rights of the Party. So please pay special attention.
  • If you have any questions about the privacy statement, please contact 教學支援組 2128。